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How Seed + Bloom Began

Bloom where you are planted.” Those are the words that started Seed + Bloom Designs, and my mission to intentionally craft beautiful and love-infused, handmade malas, jewelry and accessories here in Canada.

We are living in a world dominated by social media, smartphones, and a tendency to rush through everything and always chase that next goal, next big thing—a world where there just isn’t enough time to bloom and thrive unless we intentionally create time for ourselves.

And, if you're like me (and so many others I know), your soul probably craves more—more time to slow down, more time to breathe it all in and just BE.

My intention, with all my Seed + Bloom jewelry and accessories, is to give you the tools you need—to remember to slow down, to remember how beautiful you are, to remember to take time for self-care and soul growth—with beautifully crafted, handmade in Canada, mindful pieces.

I believe we are are all meant to experience the joy that comes from living with purpose, positivity and beauty. I also believe we can totally look amazing while we do experience that joy and purpose!

And that’s why Seed + Bloom Handmade Jewelry + Accessories was created.

At Seed & Bloom, all the materials we source—down to the individual mala beads and gems—come with a tiny prayer that says, “You are meant for more than you can imagine.” It’s my promise that the love and energy that goes into making these malas, jewelry, and accessories is 100% pure, informed and authentic.

All the materials for Seed & Bloom handmade jewelry + accessories are ethically sourced and infused with positive energy—made to reflect your soul’s truth and passion for self-discovery. 

I want you to have a one-of-a-kind experience with our handmade jewelry—from malas to necklaces to knitted hats to earrings and beyond. Because our ultimate goal is to provide you with quality handmade jewelry and accessories to add not only to your wardrobe, but to your entire life.

I love creating and enjoy making custom items that help you express exactly who you are, while building confidence, experiencing love, and shining your light.