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Our Mission

“Bloom where you are planted” – these are the words that started Seed + Bloom. If you're like a lot of us living in a land dominated by social media and smart phones just isn’t enough to bloom and thrive. Your soul craves more. Some of us are meant to live for the joy that comes from living with purpose, positivity and beauty. And that’s why Seed + Bloom was created.

At Seed & Bloom each and every bead in our malas comes with a tiny prayer that says “you are meant for more than you can imagine”. It’s our promise that the love and energy that goes into making these malas are 100% pure, informed and authentic. Seed & Bloom beads are not only ethically sourced and full of positive energy but they are made with you in mind. We want you to have a one-of-a-kind experience with our malas. We want your mala necklace to reflect your soul’s truth and passion for self-discovery.

Seed & Bloom’s ultimate goal is to provide you with quality handmade items to add to your wardrobe & life. We love creating and enjoy making custom items that help you express exactly who you are.

Seed & Bloom’s purpose is to fuel you with the confidence, love and light that you deserve.


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