Bloom where you are planted



  • Meet Alysia Waters: The Face Behind Seed + Bloom Designs

    Hi there! I’m Alysia Waters, founder and creator at Seed + Bloom Designs. Thanks for popping by to learn a little more about me and my jewelry! I’v...
  • Benefits of Buying Local

    Supporting Locals + Local Communities

    Local businesses depend on their communities to thrive, and they are run by people just like you or me! Every time you buy local, you're supporting local families – sending kids to sports practice, contributing to the local economy and this, in turn, helps the whole community to grow and flourish.

  • Copper Jewellery Care

    Our spring collection focuses on copper and hammered metal jewellery. We all want our things to last a long time, and whether you already own copper jewellery or are considering buying your first piece, you want to keep it in mint condition for as long as possible.
  • Spring Collection Highlight

    My personal highlights of the Spring 2020 Collection
  • How to Mindfully Give Gifts this Holiday Season

    The Christmas crunch is on. If you don’t feel the pressure-- then perhaps you’re already on the right and mindful track. Because the holidays *sup...
  • Creating a Mindful Home

    “Meditate for 10 minutes every day, unless you’re insanely busy… then meditate for 15” There’s no doubt that we live in a crazy world. We’re const...
  • How to Choose Mala Beads Based on Your Personality

        There are as many personalities out there as there are beads! If you’re having trouble finding a one-size-fits all Mala, that’s because there i...
  • 4 Ways Your Mala can Help You Be More Mindful

    Mindfulness is a buzz word these days. If you google "mindfulness," you'll notice a plethora of content relating to yoga, meditation, and intentio...
  • How to Use Your Mala in Your Yoga Practice

      Malas are a commonly used object for meditation. This is pretty widely known by yogis and meditation gurus, everywhere.   But how can you incorpo...