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  • 5 Reasons to Buy Handmade Jewelry

    Why should you buy handmade jewelry? The reasons are plenty!  Really, the question is what matters to you when you shop. Do you care about quality...
  • 8 Powerful Healing Crystals for Love

    Healing crystals for love are commonly used to attract and support feelings of (you guessed it!) love in one’s life.  This love comes in various fo...
  • What Are Mala Beads & How Are Malas Used?

    Mala beads have been used in spiritual and religious practices for centuries. These days, they hold various symbolic meanings and are used in sever...
  • Gifts For Yogis From Small Businesses

    There are so many great gifts for yogis out there! Whether it’s something to help take their practice to the next level, or to help them incorporat...
  • 100+ Positive Affirmations to Raise Your Vibration

    100 positive affirmations (mantras) to raise your vibes and some of our handmade Malas to help with setting them in place.
  • 8 Easy Mindfulness Practices To Improve Your Life

    Mindfulness is a lot more than just a buzzword.  Mindfulness is a way of living and being, and it’s catching on quickly. Why? Because of the countl...
  • Benefits of Buying Local

    Supporting Locals + Local Communities

    Local businesses depend on their communities to thrive, and they are run by people just like you or me! Every time you buy local, you're supporting local families – sending kids to sports practice, contributing to the local economy and this, in turn, helps the whole community to grow and flourish.

  • Copper Jewellery Care

    Our spring collection focuses on copper and hammered metal jewellery. We all want our things to last a long time, and whether you already own copper jewellery or are considering buying your first piece, you want to keep it in mint condition for as long as possible.
  • Spring Collection Highlight

    My personal highlights of the Spring 2020 Collection
  • How to Mindfully Give Gifts this Holiday Season

    The Christmas crunch is on. If you don’t feel the pressure-- then perhaps you’re already on the right and mindful track. Because the holidays *sup...
  • Creating a Mindful Home

    “Meditate for 10 minutes every day, unless you’re insanely busy… then meditate for 15” There’s no doubt that we live in a crazy world. We’re const...
  • How to Choose Mala Beads Based on Your Personality

        There are as many personalities out there as there are beads! If you’re having trouble finding a one-size-fits all Mala, that’s because there i...