4 Ways Your Mala can Help You Be More Mindful

4 Ways Your Mala can Help You Be More Mindful

Alysia Waters

Mindfulness is a buzz word these days. If you google "mindfulness," you'll notice a plethora of content relating to yoga, meditation, and intentional living. There are at least 3 magazines I can think of with "mindful" in the title alone.

So what is mindfulness all about?

In short: to be mindful is to pay attention to the world around you and inside you. Whether you're paying more attention to your daily commute to work or whether you're intentionally allowing yourself to feel your emotions, mindfulness can help you live your life to the fullest. 

How can Malas help you live more mindfully?

Malas intrinsically symbolize living with intention. When you're living intentionally, you're also living mindfully. 

Ask yourself: what were you thinking when you chose your Mala? 

Maybe you chose your Mala because it was pretty, or because it used your favourite gemstone. Dig a little deeper. What does that gemstone symbolize? 

Gems have all sorts of meanings. I try and label all of mine and their uses on my product page to help customers decide. 

For example, Howlite is an excellent gemstone if you're intention is to stay focused. Which leads me to the first way your Mala can help you be more mindful.


#1 By Reminding You to Remember Your Mantra

Wear your Mala with intention. It's not just to look pretty! If you haven't chosen a mantra, take some time to find one that's perfect for you. 

Every time you look down and see your Mala, make a note to repeat your mantra internally. Especially on those more stressful days. 

#2 By Reminding You of Your Goals

I bought my first Mala to help improve my sleep. Each night before bed, I would carefully count each Mala and repeat my sleepful mantra. Eventually, my sleep became more relaxed and more comfortable.

Using my Mala was a great way to remind myself that my goal was attainable. 


#3 By Helping Dedicate Time

When we stop to use our Mala, we're dedicating time and energy to work towards something. Every time we run a bead through our fingers, we're committing ourselves to an intention.

By using our Mala, we're no longer putting off our meditation, yoga, or mindfulness practice. We have a tangible object that allows us to make time and space for what's most important to us. 

#4 Bringing You Back to the Moment

The next time you feel your Mala on your chest or around your wrist, take a moment to feel your sensations and ground yourself. This is the purpose of your Mala. 

Your Mala is a reminder to pay attention. To listen to yourself. To listen to the universe. 

Every time you feel a bead, see it as a gentle reminder to bring yourself back to the earth.