5 Reasons to Buy Handmade Jewelry

5 Reasons to Buy Handmade Jewelry

Alysia Waters

Why should you buy handmade jewelry? The reasons are plenty! 

Really, the question is what matters to you when you shop. Do you care about quality and how long the item will last? Is uniqueness an important factor? How about the story behind the item?

Alysia from Seed + Bloom Designs hands stringing mala beads as she creates unique handmade jewelry in Kamloops.

On top of that, every dollar you spend makes an impact on others, too! How important is the impact that your actions have on the environment, the economy, and other people’s lives? 

There are many benefits to buying handmade jewelry, both for yourself and the world! Here are a few to consider the next time you’re shopping for the perfect jewelry piece.

1. Handmade jewelry is special and unique

Unlike jewelry that is mass produced in a factory, handmade jewelry is one-of-a-kind! Each item is unique and crafted with attention and care. 

There’s a story behind each handmade necklace, bracelet, or ring—from why the artisan started making jewelry in the first place, to the inspiration behind that particular piece. 

Handmade jewelry maker at Seed + Bloom Designs holding several beautiful handmade malas, crafted with love and intention.


On top of that, some artisan jewelers offer options for customization. Buying handmade jewelry opens up opportunities to personalize pieces in ways that mass-produced jewelry never could. From choosing your own materials, to customizing shapes and sizes, to having your piece engraved, handmade jewelry is the way to go if you’re looking for something extra special.

This is also a reason why handmade jewelry makes an amazing gift. If you’re looking for a gift idea for someone important in your life, why not treat them to something totally unique that no one else will ever have?

2. Handmade jewelry is sustainable

If you’re looking for sustainable jewelry, you should definitely consider buying handmade.

The truth is that creating sustainable jewelry is no easy feat. However, handmade accessories typically produce less waste since there are less materials and packaging used. And, bonus points if you’re able to buy locally, or at least from within your country, thanks to the smaller footprint caused by shipping. 

A collection of ethically-sourced mala beads and other jewelry-making tools sits on a table.


Mass-produced jewelry typically has a larger environmental footprint due to discarded materials, CO2 emissions, use of harsh chemicals, and so on.

On top of that, many artisan jewelry-makers choose to use sustainable materials. From recycled metals to ethically-sourced mala beads, you’re likely to be able to find beautiful handmade jewelry that has a smaller environmental impact than most mass-produced jewelry. 

3. High quality jewelry

Each pair of handmade earrings or carefully handcrafted mala is made with a keen attention to detail (and a healthy dose of love). That love and attention really shows when it comes to the quality of handcrafted jewelry pieces. 

A beautiful woman wearing a white shirt and handmade Swarovski crystal bracelet and earrings.


As well, many jewelry-makers are selective about the materials they use—not only due to their sustainability but their quality, too. And, because most small businesses rely heavily on referrals for continued success, the quality of their products is often a priority. Which brings us to our next point...

4. Great customer service

Because entrepreneurs who sell handmade jewelry often rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising, they genuinely care about your experience as a customer. They are invested in the product and the business and they will go the extra mile to make sure that you’re satisfied with your purchase.

When you can communicate directly with the person who made the product with their own hands, it’s simply a different level of customer service! Whether you reach out via email or even over Instagram, there’s a good chance that you’re speaking directly with the jewelry-maker, or with someone they trust dearly with their customer service. 

5. Your purchase can make a difference

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly—when you purchase handmade jewelry, your money makes a difference

Alysia from Seed + Bloom Designs in Kamloops holds several handmade malas up in the air.


You’re supporting a small business, and behind that small business, a real human being. Every time that you choose to shop at an artisan business, you’re helping someone pursue their dream. And that feels pretty good.

Finding the perfect piece of handmade jewelry

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