Benefits of Wearing Crystal Jewelry & Cleansing Crystals

Benefits of Wearing Crystal Jewelry & Cleansing Crystals

Alysia Waters

Crystal jewelry serves as more than just a beautiful addition to your outfit!

Unlike most other kinds of jewelry, which are selected purely based on appearance, jewelry made with healing crystals is also often chosen for the crystal’s special meaning and properties.

While the scientific evidence of the healing properties of crystals is lacking, crystal healing is a practice that’s been used for centuries and many swear by its benefits.

Hand holding a beautiful blue crystal, using it for its healing properties.


At the very least, using healing crystals and wearing crystal jewelry can help us practice mindfulness, introspection, using affirmations, self-care, and intention-setting. The simple act of using your crystals to set intentions and act as helpful reminders can be helpful to anyone, whether or not you believe in the metaphysical properties. 

Getting The Most Out Of Crystal Jewelry

You may notice a positive change after simply wearing a crystal necklace or bracelet. However, there are a few things you can do to really reap the benefits of your crystal jewelry. 

Choosing Your Crystal Jewelry

The first step is choosing the right crystal jewelry for you! 

Crystal jewelry comes in many different shapes and sizes, from polished malas to raw crystals strung on a necklace.

You can research the meaning of various crystals to get a better idea, or even look up which crystals are best for whatever it is you’re hoping to achieve. For example, if you’re looking for crystals to attract love into your life, or strength, or joy...the options are endless! 

Alicia from Seed & Blooms Designs holding a collection of beautiful handmade malas made with healing crystals.


If you’re still not sure which crystal is best for you, follow your intuition! While crystals are associated with certain intentions, in the end, you will know best. Whether you’re choosing the perfect mala beads or perusing a selection of handmade crystal jewelry, you might just know the right one when you see it.

Cleansing Crystal Jewelry

Crystals give off energy. They also absorb the energies around them. 

This is why it’s important to start by cleansing your crystal jewelry—to clear it of any current energies and start fresh. 

How can you cleanse your crystals? We recommend doing some research about your specific crystal beforehand to see the best way to cleanse it, but here are some common ways to cleanse your crystal.

Cleanse gemstones with running water. First, be careful as not all crystals are safe to use in water. If your crystals are safe in water, simply hold the crystal under some running water for a few minutes (a faucet works, but a natural stream is better!) or let it sit in a bowl of water for a while. You can even add some sea salt to the bowl of water or hold it in seawater if you’d like, but be sure to rinse and dry your crystal afterward. 

Place your crystal in salt or rice to clear negative energies. Rice and salt are said to absorb negative energies. Simply place your crystals in a bowl of salt or rice overnight and rinse and dry afterward.

Use smoke to cleanse your crystals. You can cleanse your crystals by holding them over smoke while burning special herbs like sage, rosemary, sandalwood and so on. 

Hands held in prayer while holding handmade mala necklaces, meditating to cleanse the crystals.


Visualization, meditation, and breathwork. You can cleanse crystals by simply holding them in your hand and visualizing them being cleansed, often by a bright light. You can also cleanse crystal jewelry by using it during your meditation and breathwork. Set an intention while you meditate and breathe on your crystals as your exhale. Try using quick, powerful exhales.

Cleanse your crystals in moonlight or sunlight. Leaving your crystals out in the sunlight or moonlight can cleanse them while also charging them. Double whammy! Certain moon phases are especially powerful, like the full moon or even the new moon (a great time to set intentions!). Placing your gemstone directly on the earth in the moonlight or sunlight is especially cleansing.

Cleansing gemstones with sound. Sounds have vibrations, and those vibrations can help cleanse your crystal jewelry and help to bring them to the same vibration. You can use a singing bowl, chant, or mantra to cleanse your crystals with sound. Different Hertz frequencies carry different cleansing abilities.  

Activating Your Crystal Jewelry

After cleansing your crystal jewelry, it’s important to set a clear intention for it. You may have had an idea for your intention when you bought it, but now is the time to really program and activate it.

Consider meditating while tapping into your intention. You may want to hold your crystal in your hand, or lay down and place it on your third eye or a corresponding chakra to match your crystal and intention. 

A hand holding a large clear quartz crystal, showing how intention can help to activate and cleanse crystals.


Not only is it important to infuse the energy of your intention into the gemstone, but doing so will help you come back to your intention regularly. Your crystal jewelry can now serve as a helpful reminder of your intention every time you see it!

Charging Crystal Jewelry

It’s a great idea to charge your crystal jewelry occasionally. You can do this in many similar ways used to cleanse jewelry, some of the most popular being sunlight, moonlight, and the earth (sometimes by burying it). 

Sunlight and moonlight offer different types of energy, which is something to consider when deciding how to cleanse and charge your crystal jewelry. It’s also important to note that some crystals will fade in the sun, so please double check first! 

A collected of pointed crystals charging in the sunlight of a windowsill.


Sunlight holds a masculine energy. It is strong, powerful, and uplifting. It’s a great method of charging crystals with intentions for growth or working towards a goal. 

Moonlight has a softer, more feminine energy. The energies of moonlight also change during the lunar cycle, so consider this when deciding when to leave your crystals out to charge at night. For example, the full moon is associated more with release, and the new moon is associated more with creating new goals and intentions. 

How often should you charge your crystal jewelry? 

You can charge your gemstones anytime, but it’s especially important to do so in a few instances. 

After your first cleanse. After you first cleanse your crystal jewelry and activate it with an intention, allow it to charge, especially if you used a cleansing method other than light or earth.

After experiencing negative energy. If you experience an especially negative energy while wearing your crystal jewelry—a traumatic event, illness, confrontation, challenging issue—it’s best to clear it and recharge it afterwards. Cleanse the negative energy absorbed by the crystal and recharge it to refocus on your intention.

A handmade crystal jewelry mala made by Seed + Bloom Designs in Kamloops.


When you feel like your crystal needs it (or you need it!). If your crystal jewelry is feeling energetically heavy, or perhaps you feel like you could use some new vibrations in your life, go ahead and charge it!

During certain lunar phases. Depending on your intention and goals, you may want to consider watching the lunar calendar to charge your crystal jewelry during the corresponding moon cycle. 

Handmade Crystal Jewelry

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