17 Thoughtful Gifts for People with Anxiety (For Every Budget)

17 Thoughtful Gifts for People with Anxiety (For Every Budget)

Alysia Waters

What can you do to help someone with anxiety? The fact that you’re reading this, and searching for ideas for gifts for people with anxiety, means you’re on the right track.

While we all experience anxiety to some extent, there are some who experience it on a higher level. It may be more intense, it may last longer, and it may start interfering with everyday life or even become debilitating. When this is the case, the person might be struggling with an anxiety disorder.

Of course, a simple gift cannot rid someone of their anxiety entirely—especially if they are dealing with an anxiety disorder, in which case they may require professional help. That being said, there are some objects that can help with anxiety, and the simple act of showing that you care can really have a positive impact on someone’s day. 

Hand holding out a yellow flower as a gift for someone with anxiety.

Knowing what to buy someone to help with their anxiety can be tough, so we’ve created a list to help you out! The list is even broken up by price range—from gifts that cost nothing but your time to gifts that may cost up to a couple hundred dollars—so you can find the perfect present no matter your budget.

Whether you’re searching for a gift for a friend with an anxiety disorder, or who is simply going through a difficult time in their life and could use a little self care, we hope you find this list helpful! 

Free Gifts for People with Anxiety 

These anti-anxiety gift ideas will cost you nothing but some time and effort. And sometimes, those are the best gifts of all! 

1. A Heartfelt Card or Letter

Sometimes, simply letting someone know that you care is the best gift of all—especially if Words of Affirmation is one of their love languages!

A blank piece of paper with calligraphy pens and flowers, ready to write a nice letter for someone.

All you really need for this one is a piece of paper and a pen. Write some heartfelt words to let the person know what they mean to you and, if you’re feeling artsy, why not make a cute card to go with it?

2. Do Their Errands or Chores

When someone is struggling with anxiety, everyday tasks can become a real burden. Something as small as restocking the fridge, doing the laundry, or cleaning the dishes can feel like an impossible undertaking. But asking for help can be ever harder.

A woman carrying knit sweaters, doing laundry as chores are one of the nicest gifts for people with anxiety.

Offering to do chores or errands can be a very helpful and relieving gift for someone with anxiety. If you want to be able to hand them something physical, make some coupons that they can redeem whenever they wish. But be aware that you may need to follow up with them to schedule a time to redeem the coupons and come by with some cleaning supplies (because, like we said before, asking for help can be hard!).

3. DIY Affirmation Card Deck

Affirmations are positive messages—usually a short sentence—that we can repeat to ourselves throughout the day and/or week. 

A positive affirmation card sitting beside a cup of tea and flowers.

Using positive affirmations on a regular basis can help to decrease stress and negative thoughts. It’s all about getting into a habit of saying kind things to ourselves, and manifesting   what we want in our lives. 

Affirmation card decks are great anxiety relief gifts that encourage positive thinking! You can purchase affirmation cards, but you can also easily make your own affirmation cards in a pinch. If you need ideas, check out this list of 100+ positive affirmations

Affordable Gifts for Anxious People ($)

If you have a few dollars to spend, check out these thoughtful, yet budget-friendly, gift ideas for anxious people.

4. Journal

Journaling for anxiety is a common practice, and with good reason! From gratitude journaling to free-writing, putting our thoughts down on paper can help us process our experiences. With practice, it can even help shift your mindset.

A gratitude journal given as a gift for someone with anxiety sits beside some greenery.

Consider looking for guided journals for mindfulness, gratitude, or even specifically anxiety. You could also get a plain journal and include a list of your own journaling prompts! 

5. Mindfulness Colouring Book

Colouring isn’t just a fun pastime for kids! It’s also a relaxing activity that can be used to practice mindfulness and dispel stress. 

An adult colouring book for anxiety and colour pencils.

There are plenty of adult colouring books out there. Find one that you think your friend would love, and include a pack of coloured pencils, and there you have it! 

6. Books for Anxiety

If the person you’re shopping for enjoys reading, why not get them a book that could help them along their journey?

There are plenty of great books for anxiety out there—from books literally about anxiety to self-help books to spiritual books to feel-good books. The right book might be able to help your friend learn some coping skills, develop habits that make them feel better, or at least put a smile on their face and some hope in their heart.

7. Healthy Premade Meals

Cooking—especially cooking healthy meals—can be a daunting task for someone struggling with anxiety. But eating well is also an important step in the right direction towards mental wellness. 

A bowl of hot soup which was given as a freezer meal as a gift for someone struggling with anxiety.

Dropping off some premade freezer meals is a great way to help someone with anxiety. You’re helping them stay nourished while freeing up some of their time to spend on self care activities. Choose meals that are healthy yet satisfying, and bonus points if you include their favourite comfort food, too!

Some easy freezer meal ideas include curries and soups, chili, lasagna with vegetables, taco bowls, fajita filling, breakfast wraps, egg cups, chicken dishes with vegetables, turkey meatballs, stuffed peppers, teriyaki dishes...the list goes on! 

8. Herbal Tea

There’s something so comforting about a nice, hot cup of tea! Go for herbal teas that are caffeine-free. Caffeine can increase anxiety, whereas herbal teas can help calm the mind and even improve sleep. 

A cup of hot herbal tea sitting in front of a stack of books.

Peppermint, chamomile, lavender, rose, kava, and valerian root are all great options.

9. Healing Crystals for Anxiety

Crystals are more than just pretty ornaments! Many people believe in the healing properties of various crystals, including stones for anxiety. 

A collection of healing crystals for anxiety sitting on a mirror.

Some of the best crystals for anxiety include amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz, black tourmaline, black obsidian, tiger’s eye, and many more. 

Anxiety Relief Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank ($$)

Here are some moderately-priced gifts for people with anxiety—perfect for special occasions or just because.

10. Healing Crystal Jewelry for Anxiety

Speaking of healing crystals for anxiety...why not take it up a notch with a lovely piece of handmade crystal jewelry? Wearing crystal jewelry is a great way to carry the healing vibes with you and serve as a helpful reminder throughout the day.

Alysia from Seed + Bloom Designs in Kamloops holding some healing crystal malas, which make great gifts for people with anxiety.

With so many options out there, you’re sure to find something to suit your friend’s taste—from anxiety necklaces, to anxiety-calming bracelets, to rings for anxiety, and more. 

Healing crystal malas can also be used to practice mindfulness, calm one’s thoughts, and reconnect with an intention or affirmation. They are often used in meditation, yoga, and breathwork. Choose mala beads that you think will resonate with the gift receiver, either by researching them or simply following your intuition.

At Seed + Bloom Designs, of our handmade malas and crystal jewelry were crafted with love and intention!

11. Aromatherapy Oils for Anxiety With a Diffuser

Smell is a powerful sense! It helps make a space feel clean and relaxing, and the right aromatherapy scents can help calm the body and mind.

A hand holding aromatherapy essential oils for anxiety, a great gift for stress relief.

Some great essential oils for anxiety and stress relief include valerian, lavender, jasmine, chamomile, basil, bergamot, sage, lemon, neroli, ylang-ylang, lemongrass, and frankincense.

12. Exercise, Meditation, or Yoga Subscriptions

At this point, we pretty much all know that exercising, meditating, and practicing yoga regularly can all have a positive effect on our mental and physical health. Moving our bodies, focusing on the present moment, and deep breathing can all calm our parasympathetic nervous system and decrease stress and anxiety.

A woman sitting on a yoga mat meditating to ease stress and anxiety.

For people struggling with anxiety, this can be a game changer! Consider purchasing a subscription for an app that you think would interest your friend, whether it’s a meditation app like Calm or Headspace or Insight Timer, or a punch pass to your local yoga studio. 

13. Gut-healing Elixirs

Did you know that your gut health is one of the most important aspects of your overall health? It can affect everything from your mood to your skin, and often people’s guts are imbalanced.

It’s become a popular topic in recent years, and there are now plenty of elixirs, tonics, and powders that you can buy to improve your gut health. Be sure to do your research before you make any purchases and educate the gift receiver before they use it. 

Best Gifts for Anxiety When Budget Doesn’t Matter ($$$)

Price not a concern? Check out these great gift ideas for people with anxiety!

14. Weighted Blankets for Anxiety

Weighted blankets have become really popular recently, and if you’ve tried one, you probably understand why! Using one feels like a big, cozy hug. 

A comfortable bed with a weighted blanket for anxiety.

Plus, the weight of the blanket helps to calm the autonomic nervous system which reduces anxiety and encourages a feeling of calm. They also help people sleep more soundly and go through all stages of sleep and lack of quality sleep is a big contributor to anxiety and anxiety disorders.

15. Light and Sound Therapy Machine

Light and sound machines can be helpful in many situations—especially falling asleep and waking up. Many have settings so the user can choose between calming sounds and lights that help get the brain to sleep (or help it wake up!). Bose white noise earbuds are an amazing tool for helping people sleep better!

For those who especially struggle with anxiety during the winter, a sun lamp might be a great idea! Sunlight lamps, also known as SAD lamps, help combat the feelings of depression often brought on by a lack of vitamin D in the darker, colder months. 

16. Massage Gift Certificate

Is there anything quite as relaxing as a massage?

A person laying face-down receiving a back massage to ease anxiety and stress.

A gift certificate for a massage therapy session has to be one of the best gifts to help with anxiety.  Not only is it a great way to unwind and practice self care, but massage therapy can help calm the parasympathetic nervous system and decrease anxiety. 

17. Therapy Sessions or Courses

When it comes to the ultimate mental health gift, this might be it. Therapy is a very personal endeavor, but if you think your friend needs a little help getting started, there are lots of options out there to try. 

You may want to start by looking into online therapy or courses for anxiety online. If you know the person well enough and think this is something they would appreciate, it could be one of the most helpful gifts of all. 

Being There For Someone With Anxiety: Priceless

On top of offering anxiety-relieving gifts, remember how important it is to simply reach out to your friends to let them know that you’re there for them, and to ask them how you can help. It goes a long way.

Visit our blog if you’re interested in learning more about wellness and crystal jewelry, and shop our collection of handmade malas for the perfect gift for mindfulness and stress relief.