How to Choose Mala Beads Based on Your Personality

How to Choose Mala Beads Based on Your Personality

Alysia Waters



There are as many personalities out there as there are beads! If you’re having trouble finding a one-size-fits all Mala, that’s because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all mala! We all have our own inner needs, goals and intentions.


I made this guide to try and steer you toward something that’s perfect for you and your personality. We don’t all fit inside a label, so these are all merely suggestions!


The Boss Babe


Are you a compulsive side hustler? Or maybe an entrepreneur who's always on the go. 


There are a few beads that can help root you while giving you a confidence boost you need!


Suggested Gemstones for Boss Babes:

Black Obsidian: If you're looking to protect yourself from other people's bad vibes, look no further. This stone is meant to clear out the harmful smoke and allow you to see clearly. 


HowliteThis calming stone is commonly used for memory enhancement, reducing anxiety, dealing with interpersonal relationships, and aide in studying. This stone is excellent for those looking to focus.


MagnesiteMagnesite's primary purpose is to serve your heart, crown, and third eye chakra. It's an incredibly powerful tool for those who want to boost their self-esteem, creativity, and insight. If you have this stone in your Mala, be prepared for some positive change.



Suggested Malas for Boss Babes:

Inward Journey Mala 

I am Strong Mala

Warrior Mala



The Green Goddess


Do you find yourself in the company of woodland creatures, crisp fresh air, and babbling brooks more often than not? You, my friend, are a green goddess. 


Here are some beads that may speak to you!

Green Aventurine: This crystal is excellent for those who are physically active, looking for a healthier lifestyle and who want healing relationships with those around them.

Jasper: Strength, stamina, and physical power. Heal your body and remain steadfast in your physical practices with Jasper gems.

MalachiteGreen represents balance, mother earth, rebirth, and prosperity. And this bead certainly does not lack what this color represents! A great protector against negative energies, keep this gem on you in times when you need safety.


Suggested Malas for Green Goddesses:

The Chakra Mala

Rose Gold Leaf Mala





The Mindful Mama


"Take it to the mat," is one of my favourite sayings. When you need a bit of therapy, you're the kind of gal who's already in child' s-pose.  


I've got some beads you may want to take a peek at to help improve your mindfulness kick.


Suggested beads for Mindful Mamas:

Sodalite: If you're looking to give yourself a creativity boost, look no further. Sodalite is the perfect gift for those who need a bit of creative clarity and spiritual awareness.

AmethystThis prevalent stone is linked to the crown chakra and is used primarily to clear away negative thoughts.

Rose QuartzYou probably have heard of Rose Quartz's ability to restore peace and harmony among relationships. Its calming effects can also purify and open your own heart so you can have more profound and more meaningful insights into yourself and others.


Suggested Malas for Mindful Mamas:






The Die-Hard Dreamer


Head in the clouds? Perhaps you want something to help ground you-- or take your dreams to the next level!


These beads are here for just that. 


Suggested gemstones for Die-Hard Dreamers:

AngeliteYour Angelite bead is a fantastic tool for those looking to go beyond themselves and travel into a realm of spiritual awakening. A great gift for those looking to channel their energy and turn it into positive change and healing.

Tiger's EyeEveryone goes through periods of spiritual blockage. We can help boost ourselves by activating and cleansing the natural healing properties inside our hearts.

Lavender StoneDream big, dream loud, and hope often. Don't limit yourself with doubt, shame, or grief. Give back to yourself with confidence, positivity, and inspiration.


Suggested Malas for Die-Hard Dreamers:

Lavender Stone

Heart Chakra