How to Use Your Mala in Your Yoga Practice

How to Use Your Mala in Your Yoga Practice

Alysia Waters


Malas are a commonly used object for meditation. This is pretty widely known by yogis and meditation gurus, everywhere.


But how can you incorporate a Mala into your yoga practice?


I will be laying out for you exactly how your Mala can help your yoga practice in this blog. Bust first we must ask ourself an important question:



Why should I include a Mala in my yoga practice?


Yoga without a spiritual aspect is really just a bunch of stretching. That's because Yoga without spirituality isn't really Yoga at all!


Did you know that 'yoga' is really a Sanskrit word meaning 'union'? The final goal of Yoga is to unify the body, mind, and soul. The next time you're stretching, remind yourself to extend your soul, too. 


By using a mala in your yoga practice, you're helping stretch your mind and soul, not just your body. 



How do I use a Mala in Yoga?


There are many ways you can incorporate your Mala into your yoga practice! Before your yoga practice, follow these steps:


Choose a mantra - You can use really anything. A word, a verse from a song, a spiritual verse or poem-- anything. 


Make Space - Take a few moments to move each mala bead between your thumb and ring finger. From the bottom of the Mala, run each bead toward your heart. Concentrate on your mantra and breath while doing so. You can even repeat your mantra each time you run a bead through your finger. 



Move With Purpose - When you're finished setting a mantra and doing some meditative beadwork, you can start your planned yoga routine. With each stretch, remember that you're stretching much more than just your body. Remember your mantra, and move with intention.


It's crucial to rid your mind of judgment. Sometimes we can feel silly or awkward, trying to remember our mantra while following our yoga routine. Quiet your judgemental inner dialogue. 


By using your Mala in your practice, you're dedicating time to nourish your body, mind, and soul. And bloom where you are planted.