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Meet Alysia Waters: The Face Behind Seed + Bloom Designs

Hi there! I’m Alysia Waters, founder and creator at Seed + Bloom Designs. Thanks for popping by to learn a little more about me and my jewelry!

I’ve been designing and creating handmade jewelry for over 16 years. Creativity is part of my daily formula and is something that I need to stay healthy, happy and balanced—so Seed + Bloom Designs has been a natural and fulfilling path for me!

Alysia Waters of Seed + Bloom Designs holding up her hands holding beautiful handmade malas.

I’ve been a creative person for as long as I can remember—all the way back to when my grandmother and mother taught me how to crochet as a child. All I ever really made back then was a pot holder, a barbie skirt, and a giant scarf,but I picked up crocheting and knitting again in my mid-twenties and fell in love. From knitting, to sketching, to painting; creating beautiful things has always been something that brings me great joy. 

The Handmade-jewelry Journey

Often looking for new ways to get creative, I was eventually drawn to making accessories, like jewelry. I love to accessorize, so I figured I could make some special pieces for myself that I couldn’t find elsewhere. 

Alysia Waters' hands threading ethically-sourced Mala beads onto a string over a white dish.

I started working with bamboo tiles, creating unique pendants that added something fun to any outfit I threw on. Then, I began creating one-of-a-kind necklaces with hand-painted wood beads and natural fibres. I was creating these pieces for myself, but was being asked about them all the time, so eventually I started selling them!

Creating Seed + Bloom Designs

Like many artisans, I started selling my handmade jewelry pieces on Etsy. It was great for awhile, but as the interest in my jewelry grew, I knew it was time to take my business to the next level. In the last couple years, I started my own website dedicated to Seed + Bloom, and it’s now my full-time gig (along with being a mama to a 4.5 year old!).

Intentionally Crafted Jewelry and Malas

Much of my design inspiration comes from the environment around me. I typically envision what new piece I would personally love to add to my collection, and go from there. I love to focus on adding a bit of sparkle or something different that can help make an outfit pop.

I find inspiration in so many places—from scrolling on Pinterest or Instagram to see what’s trending, to going for a walk to the coffee shop. But nature and yoga are definitely some of my biggest inspirations. 

The hands of Alysia Waters threading mala beads to create handmade malas for Seed + Bloom Designs in Kamloops.

I’ve always loved gemstones, but this interest has now grown into a passion to explore the intention behind these gemstones. Between this and becoming a registered yoga teacher, I fell in love with playing with crystal and mala beads.

If you check out my online jewelry shop, especially my handmade malas, you’ll see that each piece is crafted with intention. It’s meant to be not only a pretty accessory, but a reminder to be mindful and live intentionally. I also use only ethically-sourced beads and each piece is handmade by me.

Aside from malas, I also love making other accessories like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Copper jewelry is another one of my favourites—I can’t get enough of the shine and warmth that it offers! Leopard print earrings are another one of my go-tos lately!

A Little More About Me

When I’m not busy running Seed + Bloom Designs in Kamloops, BC, you’re likely to find me chasing after my lively 4.5 year old son and fur babies. I’m also a registered yoga teacher and morning person, and I love soaking up the outdoors as much as possible, hitting the gym, and sipping on a tasty beer or glass of wine. 

Alysia Waters of Seed + Bloom Designs sits on an outdoor staircase while holding a collection of homemade malas.

On top of making handmade jewelry and malas, I still love to crochet, knit, sew, draw, and paint. 

Thank you again for visiting! If you have any questions about Seed + Bloom Designs or our handmade jewelry, please feel free to contact me here.