Spring Collection Highlight

Spring Collection Highlight

Alysia Waters

Spring is on the way, and it brings with it sunshine, smiles and the chance to get outside and make new memories. We all tell stories in different ways, and these feature pieces from my Spring Collection are my way of passing on a bit of my story to carry with you as you build your own.

This spring I am focusing on new hammered metal jewellery and copper accents. These pieces bring light and the warmth of the sun to any outfit or yoga practice. I am also, as always, focused on bringing you locally made, ethical and sustainable pieces that you feel good about wearing and integrating into your practice. I am going to highlight three of my favourite pieces from this spring’s collection. Each piece has a story to tell, one for you to build upon as you create your own.

Both hammered jewellery, and copper have a storied and rich history when it comes to personal adornment – reaching back to the Ancient Greeks and possibly beyond

June Earrings

Family is important to us – whether related by blood or just close friends who have a deep, lasting impact on our lives. My Gramma June isn’t technically my grandma, rather my aunt’s mum. Though I didn’t meet her until I was a tween, she always had this amazing knack for understanding the funky boho vibe that I had. Her gifts reflected this, and I still wear the lizard toe ring she gave me.

When I started designing my Spring 2020 collection, I wasn’t thinking about Gramma June, or the silver disc earrings she’d given me as a young person. Our stories have a way of telling themselves through our work, however. Any creative will tell you that there’s a bit of themselves in every piece they create, and when I looked back at why I loved these earrings so much, I knew that it was because they reminded me so much of ones given to me by someone dear to me.

These were the first piece to come out of my creative process, and though I received this gift many years ago, I know that this inspiration has always been close to my heart. I hope that when you wear them, they’ll inspire you as well.

Shine Mala

Sometimes when you see a piece, it simply speaks to you. For me that was the wire-wrapped copper moon that is the centerpiece of the Shine Mala. It was an idea I’d had for a while – a mala centered around a crescent moon. When back in my home community of Big Lake, British Columbia this winter for a craft market, the stars aligned. My table was across the aisle from another local artisan who specialized in wrapped wire jewellery, specifically her crescent moon necklaces caught my eye. Of course, I was thrilled at the opportunity to shop local, and support another designer creating handmade, copper jewellery.

After approaching her to ask if she’d be interested in making some custom pieces for these malas, I began planning out the gemstones I’d use for this particular creation. However, as it so often happens in the creative process, I came across a different set of gems that would perfectly channel the energy that had fueled this mala in the first place: creativity and femininity.

The combination of amazonite, sesame jasper and black obsidian promote calm, harmony and creativity while the copper moon channels and replenishes your feminine energy. Just like the season it was released in, this mala will help you focus on growth, self-love and creativity.

The Moon Goddess Mala

Sometimes, stories write themselves. That’s what I see when I look at the Moon Goddess Mala, and feel when I hold it in my hands. One of my favourite pieces to come out of my creative process for its simplicity and beauty, the Moon Goddess Mala features amazonite, moonstone and cedarwood. These beads promote communication, compassion and the clearing of your mind.

Not every piece of this collection has a story behind it, but that's the great thing about buying something local, and handmade. That in itself is the beginning of the story that you can bring to life through using the mala in your practice, and wearing in moments that become lasting memories.

This spring, open yourself up to new experiences, be inspired to write your own story and in turn, inspire others to do the same. While we spend time to clean out our homes as the days grow warmer and longer, it is important to remember to do the same with our minds. To think about how we’re interacting with the world, our friends, our family and to cultivate warmth, love and compassion.

Remember to check out the rest of the collection, there are malas and jewellery for everyone, for every outfit. And keep your eyes on the blog for more information about using a mala in your practice, how to care for your copper jewellery, and integrating mindfulness into your daily life!