Benefits of Buying Local

Alysia Waters

Supporting Locals + Local Communities

Local businesses depend on their communities to thrive, and they are run by people just like you or me! Every time you buy local, you're supporting local families – sending kids to sports practice, contributing to the local economy and this, in turn, helps the whole community to grow and flourish.

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Copper Jewellery Care

Alysia Waters
Our spring collection focuses on copper and hammered metal jewellery. We all want our things to last a long time, and whether you already own copper jewellery or are considering buying your first piece, you want to keep it in mint condition for as long as possible.

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Spring Collection Highlight

Alysia Waters
My personal highlights of the Spring 2020 Collection

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How to Mindfully Give Gifts this Holiday Season

Alysia Waters

The Christmas crunch is on. If you don’t feel the pressure-- then perhaps you’re already on the right and mindful track. Because the holidays *suprise suprise* is supposed to be a time to sit, relax, drink things that keep our bellies warm and spend time with the people we love. 

Whether you’re religious, agnostic, or have other cultural traditions during these cold months, you’ve probably felt the same way I do-- that it’s hard to separate the stressful consumer-driven vibes of the Christmas season from the cozy, heartwarming and relaxing feel of what the holidays should be. 

But did you know that the holidays can make you happier

That’s right, some amount of holiday cheer and decorations can actually help social cohesiveness, self-improvement and teachable moments to children. Especially when it comes to gift-giving. 


Make the Holidays (and Gifts) About Something More 

Perhaps you’ve found yourself teaching your children about different charities during the holidays. Most charities see a peak in donations during the Christmas season for this very reason.

This is a huge teachable moment for children and adults alike. 

To be mindful of this season would mean to be aware of why and how we give. Take a moment out of your Christmas shopping to be present about your presents. What are you giving? And why? Ask yourself:

  • Is it going to positively benefit my loved one in a way they need?
  • What impact does this gift have on the environment?
  • Will my loved one throw this away in the next year?
  • Will this gift truly show how I feel about my loved one?

Sometimes this means we give experiences instead of things- like a pottery class for 2 or a one-night stay in a local Airbnb. 


Sometimes this means we donate to a charity on their behalf. 

Really Look, Listen and Speak to Your Loved Ones

Before you go out and buy your loved-one those $300 Nike shoes they’ve been drooling over, think a little deeper about what your loved one needs.

Sometimes we buy ourselves super flashy-shiny or expensive things to cover-up what is really bothering us inside. 

If you’ve noticed your loved one is needing a confidence boost or a pick-me-up that isn’t going to last for a few fleeting moments-- consider something you know is going to help.

Perhaps that means buying a spa gift-card or a month of yoga classes.


A gift you know will help improve their own personal mindfulness practice.


Something to suit their personality ;)

Seriously though, paying attention to what your loved ones are telling you can really improve your relationship-- and giving them a gift based on what they’re telling you can speak mountains.

Buy Local

When you buy locally made goods, you're not just buying something. You're supporting the community around you. And with Amazon and other online retailers-- this is more important than ever before. 

Check your listings for local craft fairs and markets. 

Buying honey from your local community is a great way of supporting your local environment and local business! 



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Creating a Mindful Home

Alysia Waters
There's no doubt we live in a crazy world where we're constantly bombarded by external and internal stimuli. Making your homelife mindful is essential to stay sane and healthy!

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How to Choose Mala Beads Based on Your Personality

Alysia Waters



There are as many personalities out there as there are beads! If you’re having trouble finding a one-size-fits all Mala, that’s because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all mala! We all have our own inner needs, goals and intentions.


I made this guide to try and steer you toward something that’s perfect for you and your personality. We don’t all fit inside a label, so these are all merely suggestions!


The Boss Babe


Are you a compulsive side hustler? Or maybe an entrepreneur who's always on the go. 


There are a few beads that can help root you while giving you a confidence boost you need!


Suggested Gemstones for Boss Babes:

Black Obsidian: If you're looking to protect yourself from other people's bad vibes, look no further. This stone is meant to clear out the harmful smoke and allow you to see clearly. 


HowliteThis calming stone is commonly used for memory enhancement, reducing anxiety, dealing with interpersonal relationships, and aide in studying. This stone is excellent for those looking to focus.


MagnesiteMagnesite's primary purpose is to serve your heart, crown, and third eye chakra. It's an incredibly powerful tool for those who want to boost their self-esteem, creativity, and insight. If you have this stone in your Mala, be prepared for some positive change.



Suggested Malas for Boss Babes:

Inward Journey Mala 

I am Strong Mala

Warrior Mala



The Green Goddess


Do you find yourself in the company of woodland creatures, crisp fresh air, and babbling brooks more often than not? You, my friend, are a green goddess. 


Here are some beads that may speak to you!

Green Aventurine: This crystal is excellent for those who are physically active, looking for a healthier lifestyle and who want healing relationships with those around them.

Jasper: Strength, stamina, and physical power. Heal your body and remain steadfast in your physical practices with Jasper gems.

MalachiteGreen represents balance, mother earth, rebirth, and prosperity. And this bead certainly does not lack what this color represents! A great protector against negative energies, keep this gem on you in times when you need safety.


Suggested Malas for Green Goddesses:

The Chakra Mala

Rose Gold Leaf Mala





The Mindful Mama


"Take it to the mat," is one of my favourite sayings. When you need a bit of therapy, you're the kind of gal who's already in child' s-pose.  


I've got some beads you may want to take a peek at to help improve your mindfulness kick.


Suggested beads for Mindful Mamas:

Sodalite: If you're looking to give yourself a creativity boost, look no further. Sodalite is the perfect gift for those who need a bit of creative clarity and spiritual awareness.

AmethystThis prevalent stone is linked to the crown chakra and is used primarily to clear away negative thoughts.

Rose QuartzYou probably have heard of Rose Quartz's ability to restore peace and harmony among relationships. Its calming effects can also purify and open your own heart so you can have more profound and more meaningful insights into yourself and others.


Suggested Malas for Mindful Mamas:






The Die-Hard Dreamer


Head in the clouds? Perhaps you want something to help ground you-- or take your dreams to the next level!


These beads are here for just that. 


Suggested gemstones for Die-Hard Dreamers:

AngeliteYour Angelite bead is a fantastic tool for those looking to go beyond themselves and travel into a realm of spiritual awakening. A great gift for those looking to channel their energy and turn it into positive change and healing.

Tiger's EyeEveryone goes through periods of spiritual blockage. We can help boost ourselves by activating and cleansing the natural healing properties inside our hearts.

Lavender StoneDream big, dream loud, and hope often. Don't limit yourself with doubt, shame, or grief. Give back to yourself with confidence, positivity, and inspiration.


Suggested Malas for Die-Hard Dreamers:

Lavender Stone

Heart Chakra







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4 Ways Your Mala can Help You Be More Mindful

Alysia Waters

Mindfulness is a buzz word these days. If you google "mindfulness," you'll notice a plethora of content relating to yoga, meditation, and intentional living. There are at least 3 magazines I can think of with "mindful" in the title alone.

So what is mindfulness all about?

In short: to be mindful is to pay attention to the world around you and inside you. Whether you're paying more attention to your daily commute to work or whether you're intentionally allowing yourself to feel your emotions, mindfulness can help you live your life to the fullest. 

How can Malas help you live more mindfully?

Malas intrinsically symbolize living with intention. When you're living intentionally, you're also living mindfully. 

Ask yourself: what were you thinking when you chose your Mala? 

Maybe you chose your Mala because it was pretty, or because it used your favourite gemstone. Dig a little deeper. What does that gemstone symbolize? 

Gems have all sorts of meanings. I try and label all of mine and their uses on my product page to help customers decide. 

For example, Howlite is an excellent gemstone if you're intention is to stay focused. Which leads me to the first way your Mala can help you be more mindful.


#1 By Reminding You to Remember Your Mantra

Wear your Mala with intention. It's not just to look pretty! If you haven't chosen a mantra, take some time to find one that's perfect for you. 

Every time you look down and see your Mala, make a note to repeat your mantra internally. Especially on those more stressful days. 

#2 By Reminding You of Your Goals

I bought my first Mala to help improve my sleep. Each night before bed, I would carefully count each Mala and repeat my sleepful mantra. Eventually, my sleep became more relaxed and more comfortable.

Using my Mala was a great way to remind myself that my goal was attainable. 


#3 By Helping Dedicate Time

When we stop to use our Mala, we're dedicating time and energy to work towards something. Every time we run a bead through our fingers, we're committing ourselves to an intention.

By using our Mala, we're no longer putting off our meditation, yoga, or mindfulness practice. We have a tangible object that allows us to make time and space for what's most important to us. 

#4 Bringing You Back to the Moment

The next time you feel your Mala on your chest or around your wrist, take a moment to feel your sensations and ground yourself. This is the purpose of your Mala. 

Your Mala is a reminder to pay attention. To listen to yourself. To listen to the universe. 

Every time you feel a bead, see it as a gentle reminder to bring yourself back to the earth. 


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How to Use Your Mala in Your Yoga Practice

Alysia Waters


Malas are a commonly used object for meditation. This is pretty widely known by yogis and meditation gurus, everywhere.


But how can you incorporate a Mala into your yoga practice?


I will be laying out for you exactly how your Mala can help your yoga practice in this blog. Bust first we must ask ourself an important question:



Why should I include a Mala in my yoga practice?


Yoga without a spiritual aspect is really just a bunch of stretching. That's because Yoga without spirituality isn't really Yoga at all!


Did you know that 'yoga' is really a Sanskrit word meaning 'union'? The final goal of Yoga is to unify the body, mind, and soul. The next time you're stretching, remind yourself to extend your soul, too. 


By using a mala in your yoga practice, you're helping stretch your mind and soul, not just your body. 



How do I use a Mala in Yoga?


There are many ways you can incorporate your Mala into your yoga practice! Before your yoga practice, follow these steps:


Choose a mantra - You can use really anything. A word, a verse from a song, a spiritual verse or poem-- anything. 


Make Space - Take a few moments to move each mala bead between your thumb and ring finger. From the bottom of the Mala, run each bead toward your heart. Concentrate on your mantra and breath while doing so. You can even repeat your mantra each time you run a bead through your finger. 



Move With Purpose - When you're finished setting a mantra and doing some meditative beadwork, you can start your planned yoga routine. With each stretch, remember that you're stretching much more than just your body. Remember your mantra, and move with intention.


It's crucial to rid your mind of judgment. Sometimes we can feel silly or awkward, trying to remember our mantra while following our yoga routine. Quiet your judgemental inner dialogue. 


By using your Mala in your practice, you're dedicating time to nourish your body, mind, and soul. And bloom where you are planted. 



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