This Awareness Mala by Seed + Bloom is handcrafted with the loving intention of helping you come back to the present moment. To be aware is to be mindful of the positive vibrations around us. Sometimes we need to take a moment alone to remind ourselves of this. Sometimes we need to do this often.
We often get caught up in thoughts of the past and worries about what the future holds, so this Awareness Mala by Seed + Bloom will help you to come back to your center and live in this moment. Take some deep breaths and use these Rose Quartz & Howlite Mala beads to breathe your way back into the now, with full awareness. 

This Awareness Mala is a combination of Rose Quartz (restores our emotional balance and confidence while opening our hearts) and Howlite (facilitates a connection to our spiritual self with peaceful undertones).

This Seed + Bloom handcrafted Rose Quartz + Howlite Awareness Mala will bring you back to your self, center you in the present moment, and restore peace and balance to your day. 
Awareness Mala

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