Sometimes we need to spend time with that inner child to remind us who we are. And who you are is nothing short of AMAZING. Remind yourself and spend time with this Open Heart Mala. It's dalmatian Jasper is sure to help your playful self come alive. With Dalmation Jasper, Black Obsidian, and a hand-tied tassel, you know this mala is made for those looking to truly open their hearts.

These two beads work to open your joyful, childlike heart but also help protect your sensitive inner child. Dalmation Jasper can help break down the walls that disable you from feeling truly joyful, even their speckled surfaces remind you to stay youthful. But while you're opening your heart the Black Obsidian beads are there to help protect you from people looking to take advantage of your vulnerable state. This combination is sure to leave you feeling truly open-hearted.

Gemstones: Dalmatian Jasper + Black Obsidian

Open Heart Mala

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