Dispel your negative thoughts and come back to your center with this Balance Mala Necklace with mandala pendant by Seed + Bloom Designs. Its matte Snow Quartz and Sodalite with Sandalwood make for a beautiful and evenly-balanced sense of awareness, inner peace, and emotional stability. If you feel like you're teetering on the brink of sanity, this is the mala to surely bring you back to your anchor point.

Sodalite is there to encourage inner peace while keeping you emotionally balanced. While Sodalite works it's spiritual magic, Snow Quartz is working along with it to help clear your mind and boost your meditation practice. Don't be deceived by the Snow Quartz foggy appearance, it will help you to see clearly through times of uncertainty and fogginess. Sandalwood helps bring the Sodalite and Snow Quartz together, though it's abilities to attract positive energy and clear one's mind of scattered thoughts. This truly balanced mala will encourage a grounded change into your stressful life.Gemstones: Matte Sodalite, Matte Snow Quartz + Sandalwood

Balance Mala Necklace

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