Meet Alysia Waters: The Face Behind Seed + Bloom Designs

All about me, Alysia Waters—Seed + Bloom Designer 

I'm a stay-at-home/work-from-home mama to two boys!
I'm a furbaby mama to a cat and dog!

I started designing & making jewelry 16 years ago!

I’m a registered yoga teacher (200 hrs) and, during my training, I fell in love with playing with crystals and mala beads, so it was a natural extension for me to begin creating malas as part of my Seed + Bloom Designs Collections!

I love the outdoors and find my way outside daily to soak up whatever sun I can find.

Creativity is part of my daily ritual and is something i need to do regularly to stay healthy, happy & balanced!

I’m a morning person!

Might be "slightly addicted" to the Gym 😂!

I'm a beer & wine connoisseur (aka drinker)!

I knit, crochet, make jewelry, sew, draw & paint, hence the eclectic collection of intentionally handcrafted Canadian products available in my Seed + Bloom store!
    I’ve always been a creative person—My grandma and mum taught me how to crochet as a kid and my grandma also taught me to knit. Even though all I ever made as a child was a pot holder, a barbie skirt, and a giant scarf, I never let go of my love for it and picked up crocheting and knitting again in my mid 20s.

    About Seed + Bloom's Beginnings

    I started sketching in my mid-teens, which led me to painting, which led me to wondering if I could start creating other pieces. As someone who loves to accessorize, I started thinking I could make myself some jewelry pieces that I couldn’t find anywhere else—pieces unique to my energy and vibe.
    I started working with bamboo tiles and creating unique pendants out of them, and then working with hand-painted wood beads and natural fibres to create unique necklaces. And I have no idea what it is about me and my mind, but once I started creating and people kept asking about my pieces, I naturally branched out to selling them.
    Etsy was, of course, where I started, but within the last 2 years, as demand for Seed + Bloom's unique pieces grew, it shifted me into a full-blown business. Now I sell all my pieces through my website.

    With all Seed + Bloom handcrafted products, I get a lot of my designs and inspiration from the environment around me. Much of it is nature based and plays off my love for pretty rocks, which began when I was young—Hello, gemstones!

    Through all that learning and growing, my business has now morphed into more about what the intention behind the product is and how it can help us overcome so much in life—Hello, Malas! ☺️