Taking time to restore your chakras is incredibly important for maintaining your yoga and meditation practice. And that's exactly what this mala will help you achieve. Get grounded with its beautiful obsidian surroundings, it's 7 beads representing your chakras and a lovingly hand-tied tassel.

Black Obsidian: If you’re looking to protect yourself from other people’s bad vibes, look no further. This stone is meant to clear out the negative smoke and allow you to see clearly. This volcanic glass is also used to help you root into yourself and is used worldwide by shamans and mystics.

(Purple) Amethyst: This very popular stone is linked to the crown chakra and is used primarily to clear away negative thoughts. This very spiritual stone also enhances intuition and meditation.

(Indigo) Sodalite: Helps one see more clearly; brightens awareness. Sodalite is also great for replacing unwanted emotions such as stress and panic with logic and insight.

(Blue ) Angelite: Your Angelite bead is an amazing tool for those looking to go beyond themselves and travel into a realm of spiritual awakening. A great gift for those looking to channel their energy and turn it into positive change and healing. Also, a great instrument for healers.

(Yellow) Yellow Jade: This rare kind of Jade has a vibrant history of uses. These days, these brilliant little gems have been used to bring about self-confidence, self-assurance, and courage. Associated with the Solar Plexus, it’s sure to help bring balance to your chakras.

(Green) Malachite: Green represents balance, mother earth, rebirth, and prosperity. And this bead certainly does not lack what this color represents! A great protector against negative energies, keep this jewel on you in times when you need safety.

(Orange) Carnelian: Like Autumn, Carnelian brings with is some fiery hues. This captivating stone brings warmth, motivation, and courage. A great gem bead for entrepreneurs and leaders in business. Connected to the Sacral chakra.

(Red) Riverstone: Connect to your root chakra with this great little gemstone. Get ready to ground yourself and accept change when you wear this beautiful bead.

Chakra Mala

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